“Look and think before opening the shutter.
The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.”
- by Yousuf Karsh

110 Japan

110 Japan is a restaurant located in Long Island, NY, featuring modern Japanese cuisine, new style French dishes and Hibachi grill. Their dishes are creative, finely presented to meet your expectation of the art of food. You can truly feel the passion in every dish. 

#foodphotography #sushi

Alley41 • 蜀巷

Alley 41 is one of the top-notch Authentic Szechuan Restaurant in Flushing, New York . It was really an amazing experience working with the team on this series of new dishes photos. They care not only the taste but also how it should be presented to their guests, in every detail. 

#foodphotography #szechuancuisine

Antique Collection

This series of photo was done for collection purpose. It was a stunning experience, each antique piece was made by hand and even after hundreds of years, the beauty of it still shines. Getting to know the story behind of each piece was the bonus for this project. 

#jewerlyphotography #antiquecollection

Baby Photography

Love to take photo of newborns, it is more like a fun and enjoyable moment to us rather than a job. 

#babyphotography #newborn

Cafe Bee

Cafe Bee is cafe shop based in New York, NY, featuring fresh salad, healthy sandwich and fruit smoothie. The dishes are creative and mouth-watering, but more important, it is their advocacy of healthy eating. 

#foodphotography #healthyeating

Jewelry Photography

Taking photo of jewelries is not easy, because of the sharpness they required. This series of jewelry photography was done for commercial use. 

#commercialphotography #jewelry

KOKU • 刻

KOKU is an upscale Japanese sushi restaurant located in upstate, New York. Their interior is unique and impressive, as well as their food. The team was super friendly, accommodate and respective. KOKU is absolutely one of the most amazing clients that we've been working with. 

#foodphotography #japanesecuisine

Korean Cuisine

It was a pre-shot for an upcoming Korean Cuisine, who dedicates to offer the traditional Korean dish in New York. 

#foodphotography #koreancuisine

Legendary Leaf

Taking photo of Legendary Leaf's products for commercial use was part of our VI design for this brand. It was fun to design the brand from sketch and finally to see its real product on the market. 

#productshoot #tea

Mango Mango Dessert

Mango Mango Dessert is a Hong Kong Style dessert that first established in Chinatown, New York, but now has been expanded to more than 10 stores in multiple cities in the US. 

#foodphotography #dessert

Nippon Cha • 日本茶

Nippon Cha locate in Queens, New York, featuring creative appetizers, Japanese style entrees and authentic tea from Japan. 

#foodphotography #matcha

Robata • 炉端烧

Rotaba based in downtown Flushing, featuring a new style of Japanese sushi and robata grill. Photographing their dishes was truly enjoyable, it was the art of food. 

#foodphotography #robatagrill

TBaar • 茶霸

TBaar was established in 2006 and has been expanded to 40 franchising stores in both the east coast and west coast. We started working with TBaar to improve their corporate VI and branding. To have their own product photos is the first important step of branding improvement. 

#productshoot #bubbletea


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